BMC Innovation Suite is BMC Software’s industry leading technology .  To support BMC Software’s new approach to its development platform, Smart Apps, this Training Course provides a detailed overview of the new development paradigm; its specific functionalities; and its overall capabilities.

This training course is a 2-Day session, designed as an Instructor-Led Training course for any BMC Remedy Developers and Consultants to attend and to be opened to the Public or for company specific training opportunities. An instructor led web based version will be available for those where that is their only method to attend, however, it is always recommended that you have on-site instructor led whenever possible.

The course content contains detailed information on how to transition your development of new applications from the current development environment provided in ARSystem Versions 9.1 and older versions to the new  development environment.

The objectives for this course are as follow:

  • An Overview of the BMC Innovation Suite, it’s Technology and Terminology;
  • Insight into Smart Apps and where they fit in;
  • How we develop Smart Apps; Why the Major Change (benefits, purpose, objectives, goals, etc.);
  • How to develop a  Smart App with the  Interactive Development Environment (IDE) and the Innovation Studio;
  • Installation and Overview of the BMC Recommended IDE: Maven, Eclipse, NodeJS, git and Grunt functionality;
  • The creation of an application using structures that are applicable to a real world environment