Developing in Smart Apps for the experienced Remedy Developer

In support of BMC Software’s innovative approach to a new generation development platform, Smart Apps, WWRUG is offering a three day training course. This course takes a deep dive into the new development environment from the perspective of experienced BMC Software ARSystem developers.
Detailed information on transitioning from the current development environment into Smart Apps, including specific functionalities and extending capabilities is reinforced by extensive class time being dedicated to hands-on exercises that provide essential experience.
The Smart Apps Developer Training Course Leads have over ten years of consultant and educational experience in the BMC Community.
WWRUG Chairman and long time ARSystem Developer and Architect Daniel Bloom is lead developer of this training course.

Cost for the courses open to any paid attendee including on-site or WBT [where and when offered]:
a. US/Asia (Countries not defined elsewhere) – $1750 USD per student
b. Canada – $1750 CAD per student
c. India/South America/Central America – $1100 USD per student
d. Europe $2000 USD per student
e. Mexico $1100.00 per student, Mexico City only

Prices valid for courses delivered before June 1, 2017

Other than the EU, prices are not inclusive of any applicable taxes

Dates and Locations of open registration classes coming soon